2020 - Group Show at the Refinery Hotel 

           Curated by: Art Advisor Heidi Lee Komaromy along with

           Fremin Gallery 

           With Artist: David Paulkay, Laurent Elie Badessi,             

           Nicole Cohen, Jean Philippe Kadzinski

           New York City 

2020 - Online Exhibit " Beyond Borders "

           Curated By: Han Hongzheng & Joshua Gong

2020 - Live Virtual Artist talk with 7th & 8th Grade art students                          Providence Day School in Charlotte NC. 

            Hosted by art teacher Edwin Gil

2019 - Panelist guest for Holiday House NYC Art Night

           Hosted by art advisor Heidi Lee-Komaromi along with,

           Sally Morgan Lehman of Morgan Lehman Gallery,

           Art advisor Lauren Levin Bender

          Susan Mccaffrey of Sundaram Tagore Gallery 

2019 - Holiday House NYC 

           Curated by: Interior Designer Elsa Soyer &

           Art Advisor Heidi Lee-Komaromi

           With Artist: David Paulkay, Marc Dennis

2019 - Vamp magazine Fall issue  

            Featured interview ( Nature In Art )

​2019 - Collaboration with Artist  David Paul Kay  

           New York, NY 

2019 - Lux Expose magazine ( Feb issue )

           Featured story on "Winter Fire " group show


2019 - " Winter Fire " Group exhibit

               Curated by the artists 

               Hosted by the Corcoran Group

               With artist David Paulkay, Laurent Elie Badessi, Paddy Cohn

               Central Park West, New York, NY 

2018 - Hueb "Oceanum"  group show

           Curated by Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse

           With artist Todd Murphy 

           In conjunction with The Lonely Whale Foundation

           Madison Ave, New York NY

2018 - Baryshnikov Arts Center " Fall Fete 2018 Art Auction                             Curated by Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse 

           New York, NY 


2018 - Winter - Aspen Art Wave 

            Curated by Shelly Glasser with Glasser Arts Consulting

            Aspen, CO


2018 - Hetrick Martin Institute & Galerie Magazine "School's Out"                   Hosted by Lisa Cohen of Galerie Magazine

           Curated by Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse

           East Hampton, NY 

2018 - Summer - Aspen Art Wave 

           Curated by Shelly Glasser with Glasser Arts Consulting

           Aspen, CO

2018 - VisArtCBR Magazine ( Online Spring issue )

            Featured artist Story


2018 - Lenox Hill Gala 

           Curated by Rio Hamilton 

           New York, NY

2017 - Skoto Gallery Summer group show

           With artist, William Engle, Olu Amoda, Cybil Charlier

           Chelsea New York, NY


2017 - Artrprnr Magazine ( April Issue )

           Featured artist story


2017 - Perry St. Art Salon group show 

           With artist, David Paulkay, Brenton Wolf

           West Village New York, NY


2016 - Skoto Gallery group show

           With artist William Engle

           Chelsea New York, NY 

2016 - New York Spaces Magazine ( Fall Issue )

           Featured artist story

2016 - Man Of Metropolis Magazine ( Fall/Winter issue)

            Featured artist story

2016 - Interior Design Magazine, ( April issue ) 

           Featured artist story

2016 -  Group Show Curated by Artist

            With artist William Engle

            Times Square New York, NY 

2016 - Black Body Co-Op show

           Curated by Steven Sehm

           Soho, NY 

2015- Design on a Dime Benefit 

          Curated by Interior Designer Tyler Wisler booth

          Chelsea New York, NY


2015 - Black Body Co-Op show 

           Curated by Steven Sehm

           Soho, NY 

2014 - Interior Design Magazine ( December issue )


2014 - Kips Bay Show House benefit 

           New York, NY 


2014 - Design on a Dime Benefit 

           Curated by Interior Designer Santiago Tomas 

           Chelsea New York, NY 


2013 - NBC Open House NYC 

           Featured Interior Designer Betty Wasserman

2013 - Architectural Digest Magazine 

           Cover story with Interior Designer Santiago Tomas