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                                                           ARTIST STATEMENT 

I have always had this inner voice, even as a child that one day I would be able to share with the world how I saw and understood everything around me.

Growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was extremely bullied for being gay. I hung out in nature alone as a way to escape. I would go down to the ocean, watch the massive Pacific waves hit the cliff sides, or find areas to swim, meeting all kinds of wild animals, Dolphins were my favorite, and we would play for hours. I would go to watch and play with the hot lava flows that poured into the ocean near my home. Nature itself was my friend to me, I did not need to be around people to feel loved.

My work has become my way of sharing all of my experiences. I want to inspire people to be aware of what is around them and to see things from a different perspective. There is so much undiscovered magic that we are destroying quicker than we can discover. I believe everything around us is conscious, including my art.

                              CURRICULUM VITAE 

2022- Group Exhibit at The Core Club NYC 

           Curated by: Art Advisor Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse along               with Christine Mack of Space2curate 

           With Artist: Nir Rod, Tatyana Murray, Nancy Lorenz,  

            Bethany Czarnecki, Chanell Angeli

2020 - Group Exhibit at the Refinery Hotel 

           Curated by: Art Advisor Heidi Lee Komaromy along with

           Fremin Gallery 

           With Artist: David Paulkay, Laurent Elie Badessi,             

           Nicole Cohen, Jean Philippe Kadzinski

           New York City 

2020 - Online Exhibit " Beyond Borders "

           Curated By: Han Hongzheng & Joshua Gong

2020 - Live Virtual Artist talk with 7th & 8th Grade art students at                      Providence Day School in Charlotte NC. 

            Hosted by art teacher Edwin Gil

2019 - Panelist guest for Holiday House NYC Art Night

           Hosted by art advisor Heidi Lee-Komaromi along with,

           Sally Morgan Lehman of Morgan Lehman Gallery,

           Art advisor Lauren Levin Bender

          Susan Mccaffrey of Sundaram Tagore Gallery 

2019 - Holiday House NYC 

           Curated by: Interior Designer Elsa Soyer &

           Art Advisor Heidi Lee-Komaromi

           With Artist: David Paulkay, Marc Dennis

​2019 - Collaboration with Artist  David Paul Kay  

           New York, NY 

2019 - " Winter Fire " Group exhibit

               Curated by the artists 

               Hosted by the Corcoran Group

               With artist David Paulkay, Laurent Elie Badessi, Paddy Cohn

               Central Park West, New York, NY 

2018 - Hueb "Oceanum"  group show

           Curated by Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse

           With artist Todd Murphy 

           In conjunction with The Lonely Whale Foundation

           Madison Ave, New York NY

2018 - Baryshnikov Arts Center " Fall Fete 2018 Art Auction                             Curated by Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse 

           New York, NY 


2018 - Winter - Aspen Art Wave 

            Curated by Shelly Glasser with Glasser Arts Consulting

            Aspen, CO


2018 - Hetrick Martin Institute & Galerie Magazine "School's Out"                   Hosted by Lisa Cohen of Galerie Magazine

           Curated by Natasha Schlesinger of Artmuse

           East Hampton, NY 

2018 - Summer - Aspen Art Wave 

           Curated by Shelly Glasser with Glasser Arts Consulting

           Aspen, CO

2018 - Lenox Hill Gala 

           Curated by Rio Hamilton 

           New York, NY

2017 - Skoto Gallery Summer group show

           With artist, William Engle, Olu Amoda, Cybil Charlier

           Chelsea New York, NY


2017 - Perry St. Art Salon group show 

           With artist, David Paulkay, Brenton Wolf

           West Village New York, NY


2016 - Skoto Gallery group show

           With artist William Engle

           Chelsea New York, NY 

2016 -  Group Show Curated by Artist

            With artist William Engle

            Times Square New York, NY 

2016 - Black Body Co-Op show

           Curated by Steven Sehm

           Soho, NY 

2015- Design on a Dime Benefit 

          Curated by Interior Designer Tyler Wisler booth

          Chelsea New York, NY


2015 - Black Body Co-Op show 

           Curated by Steven Sehm

           Soho, NY 

2014 - Interior Design Magazine ( December issue )


2014 - Kips Bay Show House benefit 

           New York, NY 


2014 - Design on a Dime Benefit 

           Curated by Interior Designer Santiago Tomas 

           Chelsea New York, NY 


2013 - Architectural Digest Magazine 

           Cover story with Interior Designer Santiago Tomas

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